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Our Values
At S4E, we are committed to a set of values that define who we are and how we will do business today and in the future.
These values include:
  • Respect for individual & Ecology
  • Teamwork and working with right blend of practicality and academics
  • Commitment to quality service & Conservation of Nature
  • Dedication to community leadership leading to Organic Movement
  • Achievement of  customer, stockholder & Stake – holder satisfaction.

Our Mission
Our mission at S4E is singularly focused and has remained true for generations: to positively influence mindset of populace to harness nature’s forces for ecological upgradation, to help people Go Green, contribute in sustainable development program by providing alternatives and solutions for effectively utilizing renewable resources to prevent further pollution and take part in conservation of this heritage which our ancestors presented to us and we may do our bit in preserving this mother earth for our future progeny.
We do it by:
  • Listening to people -- by paying attention to what they need and want
  • Being thoroughly professional in every transaction -- by knowing as much as possible about our business and our customer's businesses.
  • Having the flexibility to improve traditional services and the imagination to create new services that are genuinely useful to our customers.
  • Putting together financial packages that meet the capital, seasonal, or cyclical needs of businesses and by working closely with business owners and managers in good times and bad.
  • Skilfully managing renewable energy resources projects to produce excellent returns.
  • Understanding that we are in a partnership with our customers, that our progress depends on theirs.

Our Vision
Our goals at S4E are ambitious and diverse, but definitely within our reach.
Our vision at S4E is clear:
  • Be the leading renewable energy resources service provider institution.
  • Provide highest quality service and strive for conserving natural fossilized fuels.
  • Nurture pride of ownership and requisite self esteem in our employees
  • Deliver superior financial returns.
  • Maintain the highest ethical standards; Swim & Surface with honour, dignity & respect.
  • Work for success of communities we serve.
  • Maintain independent ownership and closely knit family ties.

Most of the times our judgments of behaviour depend on the levels of our moral development, and therefore S4E deems it essential to inculcate the right moral and ethical feeling in its Corporate Soul.

This is achieved by proper training in Ethics, Morals, Corporate Spirituality, Values, Integrity, and a sense of Justice, and Legitimacy of thought & action of S4E Team.